Introducing eSignature


Partners can soon offer eSignature, a digital solution for digitizing agreements and legally-binding documents.

From contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, agreements are critical in business workflows for businesses of all sizes. With eSignature, businesses have the ability process agreements in minutes online.

With a major acceleration of remote working and cloud adoption, electronic signature adoption has seen related growth and adoption. According to Gartner:

  • The dramatic global increase in remote work has increased the need for business-accessible electronic signatures for a variety of use cases, both internal and external (customer, partner or vendor).
  • Organizations that had not converted paper processes to digital workflow prior to the pandemic are the most likely to turn to workflow-focused electronic signature solutions to fill the gap in their digital business capabilities for policy-driven use cases. Many of these use cases would previously not have been candidates for electronic signatures, but they do require the capture and storage of consent or agreement.
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How do Businesses Use Electronic Signature?

eSignature accelerates agreements, eliminates manual tasks, and makes it easy to connect with the tools and systems you’re already using.

  • Send and sign agreements securely from virtually any device.
  • Always know where your agreement is in the signing process. Set automatic reminders and receive notifications at every step.
  • Save time and standardize processes by storing frequently used agreements along with their custom fields, recipient routing, and other settings.
  • Saves an average of $51 per agreement by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity (Source: DocuSign).

Businesses in every industry has some need for signed agreements. Legally-binding agreements touch small-and-medium businesses throughout their operation:

  • Sales (contracts, quotes, proposals, order management, etc.)
  • HR (offer letters, consent for reference checks, direct deposit forms, etc.)
  • Legal (NDAs, partnership agreements, Statements of Work, compliance, etc.)
  • Procurement (supplier agreements, risk waivers and exceptions, purchase requisitions and work orders, lease and land management, service agreements, etc.)
  • Finance (invoices, expenses, audit sign-off, inventory sign-off, consumer account opening, asset transfer/retirement, etc.)
  • Etc.

Service Provider Benefits

As a service provider, this is a opportunistic time to offer a solution for your customers’ system of agreement.

  • High margin compared to similar high-volume cloud products
  • Add value offered to your customers’ IT departments and lines of business, including Sales, HR, Legal and Procurement
  • Strong tie-in with email, online fax and other related services
  • Integrated within our SSO platform

Provide an essential technology for your business customers as they continue to invest in digitizing their workflows.

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By Faizan Shujaat

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