Focusing on Website Assessment to Enable Sales


As you look for new sales enablement tools to enhance your pre-sales strategy, consider leveraging a website assessment program. 

It will engage potential customers and analyze a prospect’s website and online presence in seconds. Position your brand as an expert in the landscape of online presence and marketing

Partners can offer this assessment to customers as a consultation with a digital advisor, educating prospects on the effectiveness of their website and highlighting areas of improvement.

As one of the best sales enablement tools, it runs 24 unique tests in categories including design, accessibility, online presence and marketing, and it has been proven to lead to sales success. 

Assessments are run in 60 seconds or less, creating a comprehensive report and giving websites a score out of 100%, with a detailed breakdown of each section. Sales reps can hide sections if they do not apply to the customer’s business.

They choose which pages to assess and ignore and can access analysis overrides.

The easy-to-read overview page allows sales reps to continue the conversation while positioning our products to address website limitations. Websites can be compared with up to four local competitors, showing prospects where their competition is succeeding. 

Monitoring progress over time shows prospects how their score changes from one report to another, providing sales reps with an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically at intervals of days, weeks, or months and emailed directly to the prospect.

With the ability to see when the report was viewed, Partners can use real-time engagement to connect with the customer when they first open the email, streamlining the customer journey and shortening the entire sales cycle. 

If the prospect was planning on updating their website or online presence and the score hasn’t changed, it helps reopen the conversation, positioning your products and services.

We provide Partners with a branded PDF version of the prospects’ report with custom CTA’s and the opportunity to customize sections of the report to fit the needs of the customers. 

This comprehensive analysis better equips sales teams with the tools they need to thrive;  shortening the sales cycle and increasing revenue. It empowers them to perform at peak efficiency, driving increased productivity.

By providing invaluable insight into a customer’s online presence, it provides Partners with a competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketplace.

As businesses continue to prioritize customer-centric strategies, investing in a website assessment program becomes imperative for sustained growth and success. 

By Kay Fejdasz

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