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 New Features of Online Presence Builder

Online presence builder allows anyone to build and maintain a website that engages and attracts customers. It is an easy-to-use website editor with modern themes designed and optimized for all devices.

It also includes a gallery of professional, modern images with a built-in photo editor that makes it easy to adjust and add images as needed. 

The instant online presence makes it easy for customers to get online; they simply enter their business information, and a basic website is created with their contact information, sample industry content, and a pre-populated contact form. We continuously enhance the user experience by releasing new styles, features, and functionality for our products. 

With this most recent update, there have been two key changes. The onboarder has been updated for improved usability, making creating a website faster and easier.

We have moved away from our classic two-step process into a more personalized four-step process, first introducing the customer to the builder, then asking for company information, the type of business they own, and finally, allowing them to select their design.

Note: This change will only be available for new sites. 

The second update is an improved editing experience with a more modern aesthetic, providing a better user experience. The reorganized menu improves usability and easy access to frequently used items. We have also introduced a search and filter function to make finding elements easier. With these changes, adding a unified design area lets customers see how design changes impact their website.

Having a strong online presence is important for building brand awareness. Potential customers value ease of use. The ability to add and remove elements gives customers the tools they need to get their website up and running quickly. Customers do not need any additional training when adding Google Analytics, keywords, and meta descriptions, as they’re all present within the builder. 

Social media presence and Google Maps are also easily integrated into the drag-and-drop platform. Online presence builder is managed through their portal so customers can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

For current customers learn more by visiting hostopiaconnects.com, and head to release notes. For new customers, learn more at https://www.hostopia.com/products.html.

By Kay Fejdasz

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