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Offering customers a rich yet simple ecommerce tool means your customers have an easier time onboarding and using their service. As an ecommerce marketing reseller, you benefit from improved customer stickiness and ARPU.

Hostopia allows service providers to offer their customers ecommerce solutions through our white label web hosting portfolio. The ecommerce options are packaged in four tiers to meet the needs of beginner merchants up to advanced ecommerce businesses.

The first tier supports up to 12 products for sale, with a simple payment solution backed by PayPal. Higher tiers support 1000 or unlimited products, and integrate powerful options from complete payment processing to tools and features that open up omni-channel selling and customization.

Higher tier features are teased within the platform and through our Right-Time Engagement marketing engine, to incent customers to upgrade at the time that makes sense for their business.

Here are some of the top upsell features that convert users to upgrade:

Sell on Instagram

Through integration with Facebook, Online Store enables merchants to create shoppable Instagram posts. This is the number one driver for merchants to upgrade to higher plans, and a good way to increase ARPU.

Sell on Facebook

Online Store users see an average 15% increase in revenue when they add a Facebook Store.

Google Shopping Ads

Fully automated Google Shopping ads make it easier for merchants to get their products to the top of the world’s largest search engine.

Google Shopping Ads

Abandoned Sales Recovery

Merchants can set up automatic emails that track and remind customers about items they left in their cart – one of the best ways to convert more sales.

CSV Export

Export tools allow users to download products in the form of CSV files. This is useful to access store data in a table format for importing to 3rd party systems or for editing store products in mass in a spreadsheet editor etc. Currently, Online Store allows export of orders, products and customers.

Discount Coupons

To offer discounts, merchants can create discount coupons – unique codes that their customers can apply at checkout and obtain a discount on their purchase. Discount coupons help businesses increase sales and meet revenue goals, drive customer loyalty and improve retention.

Tracking the key upsell features allows providers to make data-driven decisions in sales and marketing positioning to help customers derive the greatest value from their services–and increasing customer ARPU.

To learn more about launching white label ecommerce marketing for your customers, as a DIY application or in a “do it for me” design model, contact

By Faizan Shujaat

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