Driving The Right Sales Behavior Through Gamification


What Is Gamification?

Among the many innovations happening in the eCommerce industry, gamification is surely one of the more interesting – involving the use of game techniques to influence the behaviors of individuals in the realm of motivation and engagement.

Businesses use sales gamification to channel sales reps’ motivation and engagement in a non-game business environment.

The element of competition is one of the best motivators for salespeople and people in general. In short, when your sales reps are incentivized through gamification, they will want to do more to be rewarded again.

These solutions aim to create a positive team environment, drive the right sales behavior, and ultimately foster a culture of healthy competition, leading to a higher-performing sales force.

Common Elements of Gamification

  • Progress path: often represented by ‘badges’ that represent achievement.
  • Feedback and reward: using rapid indications of success through virtual and monetary rewards.
  • Social connection: to encourage teamwork and social networking.
  • Constraints: deadlines that motivate people to act in specific time frames.

Companies that excel at sales growth are tightly focused on developing the talent they need by understanding how sales reps really work.

Why Gamification Matters

Within sales, gamification has emerged as a useful practice and effective means to:

  • Increases engagement: by influencing desired behaviors from reps, businesses can accelerate the speed of change. When reps feel positive about their learning process and know that they are going to be rewarded for their efforts, they turn into active participants.
  • Improves knowledge retention: by educating reps about the most suitable product or service through knowledge management tools like SmartSpin. Even more importantly, reps must be able to access this knowledge when they need it in the real world.
  • Identify areas of improvement: by tracking knowledge gaps through various reports, companies can direct their efforts in the key areas to help the reps succeed.

72% of organizations say recognition of high performance has a significant impact on employee engagement.

Source: HBR

The Hostopia Advantage

Hostopia can work with your sales team to customize a solution that:

  • Identifies key areas of knowledge gaps
  • Creates training curriculum focused on addressing these key gap areas
  • Build an effective sales program that drives the right amount of engagement and motivation among reps

Hostopia offers three sales incentive tools around gamification to help businesses overcome some of the challenges when it comes to reinvigorating sales reps’ understanding of the product through tools like SmartSpin, encouraging team-building activities through Heroes vs. Villains, and Sales Grand Prix. All the games are managed from a central admin account and can be deployed anywhere online across multiple locations.

Our innovative platforms will enable your business to create and manage an effective recognition, reward, and analytics program. It incorporates real-time progress monitoring and feedback to incent reps to perform at higher levels while at the same time building loyalty and providing individualized motivation and training to deliver higher sales revenues.

To learn more about how Hostopia can help you grow your revenues, contact your Account Manager or email us at: learnmore@hostopia.com.

By Faizan Shujaat

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